Saturday, January 15, 2011

Animated Amnesia, The Last Airbender Review, Prologue

I set the stage for my biggest review yet.


  1. It's ironic - the day you posted this, I got this movie through Netflix and watched it with my mom (I'm 21). I adore the show and wanted to see the movie, even knowing how bad it was supposed to be, to judge for myself. (Also, I opted not to see it in the theater because there was no way I was going to send the filmmakers more money if it really was that bad.)

    Long story short, I drank two nine-proof bottles of hard Irish cider before the 45-minute mark. That wasn't nearly enough. It's far from the worst movie I've ever seen, but still...

    Looking forward to the rest of your review! 8-)

  2. I gotta say, the Fire Nation wasn't Japanese, it was *also* Chinese. Actually the only Japanese area was Kyoshi Island. Parts of the Earth Kingdom were Korean, the swamp was kinda Vietnamese, and Ba Sing Se was a different Chinese dynasty, but in general, the Fire Nation was Chinese through and through.