Monday, November 29, 2010

Animated Amnesia, Top Ten Favorite Disney Films

I count down my favorite features from the house of mouse.


  1. You had me at #10.

    Everyone's list is going to be different - that's a given considering the number of Disney films made and the nostalgia that governs everyone's choices - but what separates an okay video from a great video is the person's ability to

    a) rationally dissect why they like said film(s), and

    b) identify what said film(s) do(es) better than any other that makes it worthy of the top 10.

    And you do both in spades. Well done!

    (Makes me curious what your LEAST favorite Disney films are...!

  2. You know, it takes a real man to admit to liking "Sleeping Beauty", let alone admit it's his all time favorite Disney movie. That openness alone makes me have a greater amount of respect for you.

    Although I respect your opinions as well, I will say that I probably would have replaced "Tarzan" with "The Lion King" if I were making this list. Although I agree with your reasons for liking "Tarzan" (the animation, the Phil Collins songs), I was disappointed with the movie. I thought the villain seemed like a cheap knockoff/hybrid of Captain Hook and Gaston. I also felt as though Tarzan should have been raised by native tribespeople, not monkeys, like in the original movies. Plus, there was a great opportunity for a song in the scene where Tarzan's animal friends venture upon the human's camp ground, but the songwriters didn't feel like putting lyrics to the musical number.

    Otherwise, though, great list! Plus, I am curious to hear what you thought about "The Princess and the Frog" still.

  3. LOL Sleeping Beauty is my favorite as well. Visually it is the perfect animated film.