Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Land Before Time IV, Journey Through The Mists

Me and an elite team of reviewers have banded together to take on the Land Before Time sequels. See the other parts at:


  1. "How Grandma licks the longneck"...IT'S WRONG!!
    (But funny!)

    I actually stopped at III, but I got hooked on "It Takes All Type", too(it was a sneak peek on our VHS).

    I tried watching "Journey to the Mists", but I couldn't get past the villain song.

    And "Dinosaur" sucks. It just sucks (probably one of my least favorite animated films).

    ANYWAY...great review! We're almost done!!
    *thumbs up*

  2. Hey, cool review once again! The original "Land Before Time" is actually one of the first movies I saw too, and one of the only ones I cried during and after I saw it. By the time the sequels came out, I was too old to see them, so I ignored them. I figured they were too cliche anyway. I wonder, though, why it is that you reviewed Part 4 instead of Part 2 or 3 for that matter.

    Also, on the part about the sea turtle, you showed another sea turtle and asked, "Relation?". Who was that other sea turtle? I didn't recognize him (or her).

    And you're right about that villain song. It definitely sucked. Didn't it remind you of that song that the two-headed dragons sang in "Quest for Camelot" (bringing you back to Animated Amnesia's past, by the way)?

  3. Cabel, I left ya great suggestions on the TFITC forums.. when can we expect more episodes on Animated Amnesia?