Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown Review

Spike's a stalker, Charlie Brown and the gang are nowhere to be found, and you can actually understand the grown ups!

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  1. Good review again. I definitely haven't heard of this one. I'm glad you promoted its strengths before its weaknesses, because had I actually seen this special, the fact that Charlie Brown is only in it for two minutes would have bummed me out. I mean, the special is called, "It's The Girl In the Red Truck, CHARLIE BROWN", not Spike.

    I'm still interested in seeing the movie, though, based on your recommendation. At the end of your reviews, you should state whether or not any of these movies or TV shows are available on DVD, VHS, or whatever. I mean, I'm interested in seeing nearly every film you have reviewed so far, and it would be nice to know where to find them. Just a thought.