Friday, April 2, 2010

Felidae Review

A near purrrrfect example of animation. Please excuse the lame pun.


  1. Cool review. This is actually one of the few animated films you've reviewed that I actually don't remember. I was a kid in 1994, and I thought I knew every animated movie made around that time. I seem to be the only one around my age who remembers "The Pagemaster", for instance.

    It's funny that you say this is this movie is for cats as "what 'Watership Down' is for rabbits" because I thought, given that you posted this two days before Easter, that you would review a film with rabbits in it like "Watership Down". I can't be too picky though. I want to see this movie now, and it's all because of your review. So good job as usual.

  2. Glad you found something good that's cat-based and cat-driven....

    Continue to kick ass in this departmnent, as long as you don't go diggin' up Kid vs. Kat.
    Whatever you do, stay aay from that show.
    I'm regreting wasting $50 on iTunes for it to this day.

  3. jodannnn! it's court.

  4. Man, this movie and the Italian "Pinocchio" you blogged about back in December are not available on Netflix. I'm pretty mad about that, because this movie looks so good!

  5. This is one of those movies that are so good, that I had to buy them.

    Yes, I am a proud owner of the DVD!